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... is an ungainly beast of a city, crazed and confused by overdevelopment during the oil boom and then traumatized by the sudden slump of the early 1980s. It's a suffocating place, choking with traffic, and facing crime rates shooting as high as its surreal downtown skyline. Yet for all this, its sheer energy, its relentless Texan pride, and above all its refusal to take itself totally seriously, give it a perverse appeal, while its well-endowed museums and rich nightlife mean there is always something to do. That Howard Hughes came from Houston makes absolute  sense; eccentric, domineering and sordid, the millionaire typified all that makes the city intriguing.

There is no good reason why Houston exists at all; it was founded on a muddy mire in 1837 by two brothers from New York who hoped it would become the capital of the new Republic of Texas. For all their wild claims about its potential as a port, and its (imaginary) urban attractions, the more promising site of Austin was made capital in 1839. However, by then Houston had somehow established itself as a commercial center.

Oil discovered in 1901, and, like the city itself, unpredictable and heading for obsolescence became the foundation, along with cotton and real estate, of vast private fortunes. Among the most famous of the philanthropists responsible for the development of downtown Houston was the cruelly named Ima Hogg.

Her city improvement projects were largely cosmetic, however, and the contradictions of urban life are still writ large here, where abject poverty (not least among the blacks who migrated here from the rural South in the 1960s) co-exists with ostentatious wealth.


From The Rough Guide (Introduction to Houston)




Steak Griller for  the World,
Computer Maker, Stacker of Tortillas,
Player with EZ Tag and the Nation's Bush Handler;
Stormy, Dusty, Malling

City of the Padded Shoulders.

(With apologies to Carl Sandburg)






















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How does the FindDillo work?

Using powerful logic, the FindDillo applet uses a bi-polar hyperbolic magnetized frequency listening routine, which is obtained by getting the applet to listen for a-wave frequencies via unused com ports on your computer. Armadillos create a specific pattern and frequency of a-waves, which can be picked up when a field is generated in this way. A handy tool for armadillo hunters. Distance reported to the nearest mile.

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