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Crossword Puzzle Links If you like cryptic crosswords, there is a good listing here, in addition to conventional puzzles.

Coronation Street Visual Updates

Dictionary Fun & Games If you like word games this is the place to visit!

Scott Pakin's automatic complaint-letter generator This is one of my favourite secret sites. You may never send the delicious and muddled letters, but you will love them and save them!

Negotiation Games Entertaining scenarios test your people skills. There are still some free games left! I am still trying to successfully mediate the Angry Neighbours. (Sadly, most games now require a subscription.)

ze's pages Many, many intriguing timewasters. Try Interactive Toys.

Jig Zone Online jig saw puzzles, many subjects and levels of difficulty. Your day at the office need never be unproductive again!


TV Eyes Should be called TV Ears, since it alerts you via email when your chosen keywords are spoken on television.

Oddcast Virtual Host This is a fascinating diversion that lives up to its name. A must-see.

D.Film Moviemaker Go ahead, make a movie. Lots of fun!

Hot or Not This may be one of the biggest and dumbest wastes of time out there. Sexist? Yes, for everyone. Still, on a rainy afternoon when you're mad at the world...

Demotivators If motivational posters and marketing goods annoy you, check this out.

The Tibet Game You try and give away money and photos of the Dalai Lama, and have a Karmameter to contend with.


Other Sites


New York Times Books

Arts & Letters Daily

Internet Movie Database Get the latest reviews from columnists or consumers, or review a film yourself.

Google has developed a lot of specialized searches, including Image Search and Froogle (for shopping).

TripAdvisor A great place for travellers to start-- saturated with online and consumer information about places and accommodations.


Patron Saints Index


Pets with Diabetes Did you know that thousands of dogs and cats are diagnosed each year? And there is no reason they cannot live happy and healthy lives, just like human diabetics.

SoftTraq Assignment Tracker

Judith Bowers Law Lists

Christine Hagemoen Photography & Design

Prima Cucina Mailing List Home Page

Consumer Search  Product reviews.

PriceGrabber is a handy shopping site that will search the net for the best online pricing for almost any product you need. The advantage of this site over others is that the shipping costs can be factored in to give you your best "Bottom Line" price.




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