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"Mosi oa Tunya", the Smoke that Thunders, is an apt name for these spectacular falls. They produce a roar and a smoky mist that can be seen for miles around. In the photo below, you can just see the spray, to the left of center. At right is the Zambezi River bridge which crosses to Zambia, and  aside from being an historic railway bridge, it is a popular spot for bungee jumping. Victoria Falls is the closest thing to a "tourist town" that we encountered: lots of souvenirs for sale, in shops and by street merchants.

Victoria Falls, the spray. The Falls

The Zambezi River

The Lodge



Victoria Falls

In December the Falls were not in full flood-- but surprisingly we may have had a better view than in April or May, when the spray can completely obscure them.

Victoria Falls Hotel terrace
Lunch at the VF hotel
This is the local time warp, the venerable Victoria Falls Hotel, where the white-gloved staff is mostly black and you can truly picture yourself in the Colonial empire. Those large trees are mangoes, and favourite haunts of a nearby baboon troop. When hotel staff chase the baboons off the terrace, they will often suffer a barrage of mangoes from the animals in the trees. 
Keith, Mike, Scott and I enjoyed an elegant lunch on the terrace of the Vic Falls Hotel, where, thanks to a currency in worse shape even than the Canadian dollar, prices are very reasonable. We overlooked the Zambezi River gorge and the bridge.
The Falls
After you pay your admission to the Falls (and pay you must, since there is no other way to see them), you are on your own to walk the paths along the Falls. Like most places in Zimbabwe, the Falls are far from overdeveloped. In fact, often all that separates you from the abyss is...nothing.

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